It’s been a while since the last post. In that time I have been working new systems out and implementing them into the game as well as redesigning existing ones. The current project it a bit unorganised due to me working it out as I went a long. This has resulted in many inefficient and messy scripts. Instead of going through and tidying each script, I have decided to start afresh, using the old project as somewhat of a first draft.

Since I began the project, I have a much clearer vision on the gameplay style and a greater understanding of how all the systems I developed in the draft come together and I believe this will lead to a much cleaner project, once it has all been redone.

Also, when I started this project, my intentions¬† were to recruit a modeler as I haven’t had any experience in this field before. However since then, I have followed a few basic Blender tutorials and have surprised myself. I now think that I’ll give modeling as the art style I’m thinking, low poly, should be easy enough for my basic modeling skills. Although, I may still recruit late down the line if I find my optimism to be unjust.


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