Tech Demo 5.2 Showcase

I have now reached a point where it feels appropriate to start recruiting a team to continue with the development. I am looking for a 3-D Modeler / Animator, and a concept artist. If you believe you have one of these skills, please email with examples of previous work, and why you want to join the team.

Since the last post, development has come a long really nicely. Most of the systems from previous builds have been reworked into this one in a much more streamlined fashion. As well as this, additional features have now been added such as World Tokens, which will be a collectible purely for completionists, and a settings menu where the player can change setting such as sound, graphics quality, and hopefully control mapping, once a new 3rd party input manager has been implemented instead of Unity’s in-built one. I now have a clearer idea of the game’s gameplay style, presentation style, and story, however, these are not final and there is still a lot of room for improvement.


Set in the future, there is an abundance of  intelligent life forms around the galaxy, and they have all evolved from earth. In fact, no other life has even been known to naturally exist outside of Earth. Because of this, Earth has now been put in to protection to allow life to naturally evolve once again, meaning that no activities can take place in the Solar System. However, a large company shadily obtains Earth and plan to harvest its water, believed to be the key to life, and sell it as bottled water throughout the universe. An activist group gets wind of this and drafts in a Space Corps Astronaut (the player) to help them banish the company from Earth. However, funds in the group are running low, forcing the player to take the outdated Universal Teleportation System through different worlds to reach Earth, instead of a spaceship direct to the Solar System. Despite their low funds however, a scientist in the activist group believes they have developed a pill that changes the player’s DNA to match another member of the group, so that the player can use other member’s abilities (e.g Frog – jump higher, Bird – flight, Fly – fit into small spaces). The player will have to collect Cash in order to fund Research and Development into these pills, so that they successfully make their way to Earth, and fight off the company’s Board of Directors (bosses).

Gameplay + Collectibles

The player will explorer a web of different worlds. Each world will have multiple entrances and exits to allow for a great amount of exploration and different paths to take. The player will have to collect different items to progress through the worlds.



Found – Around the worlds in abundance. Will be used to subtly guide the player in the right direction.

Usage Fund the activist’s lab so that they can develop different pills for various abilities.


Found – Around the worlds, usually in crates. Although they can be found without Cash being spent on funding their development, they can not be used until the development of that particular pill has been funded.

Usage – Each pill transforms the player into a different animal with their own abilities.



Found – NPCs will award the player with an Electrode when they successfully complete a mini-game / side mission. For some missions, the play might find they need a certain Power Up Pill to complete.

Usage – Used to fix broken teleporters.  Each broken teleporter will need a specific number of Electrodes to be fixed, but they will not subtract from the total number of Electrodes.

Broken Portal (Left), Working Portal to ‘Test 03’ (Right)


Found – One World Token will be hidden in each world. The World Token will resemble the level in some way (e.g Mexican themed world – Sombrero)

Usage – Will unlock some sort of extra at the end of the game.

Presentation Style

Despite somewhat of a small resurgence of collect-a-thons in the past year, the genre still remains a relic of the 90’s and I think it is important to reflect that in the style of the game. However, if the graphical style completely reflected 90’s 3D games, the game will look ugly when compared to modern titles. I believe that fusing a retro style with modern rendering techniques will be the best option. Whilst Planet Hop will make use of low-poly models and extremely low res textures, it will still make use of modern techniques, such as dynamic lighting, normal mapping, and post-processing to get the best results possible. Mirroring the story of the game, I also think its important for the style to remain light hearted and cartoony feel to it.



It’s been a while since the last post. In that time I have been working new systems out and implementing them into the game as well as redesigning existing ones. The current project it a bit unorganised due to me working it out as I went a long. This has resulted in many inefficient and messy scripts. Instead of going through and tidying each script, I have decided to start afresh, using the old project as somewhat of a first draft.

Since I began the project, I have a much clearer vision on the gameplay style and a greater understanding of how all the systems I developed in the draft come together and I believe this will lead to a much cleaner project, once it has all been redone.

Also, when I started this project, my intentions  were to recruit a modeler as I haven’t had any experience in this field before. However since then, I have followed a few basic Blender tutorials and have surprised myself. I now think that I’ll give modeling as the art style I’m thinking, low poly, should be easy enough for my basic modeling skills. Although, I may still recruit late down the line if I find my optimism to be unjust.

The Beginning

logo-01 vhs

I’ve decided to start a blog to document the development of this project and to start giving it some exposure. My ultimate goal with Planet Hop, is to create a fun memorable 3D-platformer collectathon in the same vain as many classic games from the early 3D era, such as Spyro The Dragon, Banjo-Kazooie, Mario 64, Croc and so on. Ideally, at the end of this project I would like to see it retailing on multiple platforms but at the minute, it is nothing more than one person making something in Unity in his spare time.

In the not so distant future, I plan on recruiting a small team to work with me on this project and that is one of the reasons I decided to start this blog. I’ve realised now that in order for this project to become a success, not only do I need to make a solid game, but I also need to start making this more public to start generating a following now.

capture01 logo
An image of one of the test areas currently in the tech demo. More in-depth showcases to come…

I plan on posting updates and giving insight into the development and planning process as well as showcasing new updates and features in the near future.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you stick with us through the journey.